Apple would have a clever idea to protect its iPhone Fold from falls


Foldable smartphones offer a lot of advantages over traditional smartphones, but they are generally much more fragile. Apple would have found the solution to this problem, for its first foldable iPhone.

We have been hearing about a folding iPhone for many years now, which for now will be called iPhone Fold. Apple would even prepare several different models to compete with Samsung in all segments. To arrive in force on this market largely dominated by the Korean giant, Apple would have a clever idea.

One of the major drawbacks of foldable smartphones is their durability. Their foldable screen is much less durable than that of traditional iPhones, as it has to use a very thin layer of a special foldable glass, or even just a plastic cover for the cheaper models.


Apple has found a solution to protecting its foldable iPhone from drops, according to a new patent application filed on the USPTO website. Titled "Self-retracting display device and technology for screen protection using drop detection," the technology does exactly what its name implies, automatically turning off a smartphone's screen when it's dropped.

According to the description, the device will have some sort of sensor inside, such as an accelerometer. If it detects that the iPhone has been dropped, the sensor signals an "electronically adjustable locking mechanism" that quickly shuts down the phone. So if your iPhone takes a serious drop, the most sensitive inner screen should be well protected.

This patent neatly complements Apple's long-standing commitment to making robust phones. Since many of the patents that a brand files usually never come to pass, it is currently difficult to predict whether or not this technology will be included in the finished product. Although it's less likely to drop a laptop, Apple is rumored to be developing a massive MacBook Pro with a folding screen for 2025, so we may also see the technology on that product.