Ethereum: according to its creator, cryptocurrencies have never done so well


 The co-founder of Ethereum is logically optimistic about the future of cryptocurrencies. However, he clearly distinguishes virtual currency technology.

The least we can say is that the bitcoin ecosystem's news is not particularly positive. It can be challenging to maintain faith in the blockchain and carry on with risk-free speculation due to the failure of FTX, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, the ongoing devaluation of the most significant virtual currencies, and the constant barrage of criticism directed at this new technology and its ecosystem. However, Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin exudes great confidence.

These remarks collected by Bitcoin go against the prevailing climate of skepticism. He says, “Our ecosystem has never been healthier or stronger. There are certainly microeconomic and financial headwinds and banking problems for a small number of companies in the crypto sector.” To believe it, however, “the conferences held in Paris, Denver and Los Angeles have never been so important”.


Me Lubin dismisses criticism of the crypto market's speculative nature by saying, "Once a builder joins our ecosystem, he never leaves. Although investors come and go, building is better than ever. Bitcoin's worth is still prone to extreme fluctuations. He is specific in his justification, saying: "It is because they are solid currencies [...] The Ethereum ecosystem's growth, usability, and stability have never been better. It's speeding up.

Me Lubin is not opposed to the legalization of cryptocurrencies as a form of money, though. He does a good job of differentiating between virtual currencies and the blockchain technology that supports them. According to him, it is appropriate to classify cryptocurrencies as financial instruments. On the other side, crypto techs are merely developing the necessary infrastructure for traditional crypto-like economies.