Users no longer identify themselves in tweet responses


The newest perplexing update to Twitter makes it much harder to sort through replies. Now that you can view replies, tweets don't truly indicate who the user is replying to, making them appear to be a disorganized string of disconnected messages.

The move complicates the already terrible Twitter experience in a number of minor ways. When you click on a tweet that has replies, you will still see those mentioned beneath the original tweet, but their relationship to the parent tweet is less clear. Even though they appear as random tweets that might not have been added on purpose, replies to your tweets will still appear in the Notifications page.

Basically, as described by my coworker Tristan Cooper, "I love how every reply now appears on the timeline as a hazy subtweet."

It's interesting to note that Cooper can be seen responding to me in the Twitter embed above. On TweetDeck, I can also see details about replies. On, I occasionally notice a gray line that links to replies to one of my own messages.

All of that may indicate that this shift is merely a bug. I'm not holding my breath, though, given the overall messiness of Elon Musk's Twitter's products and cost-cutting measures. Twitter's press email auto-replied with a poop emoji when we contacted it for feedback.