WhatsApp finally enables PiP mode for video calls on iPhone


 Today is a good day for WhatsApp users on iPhone. This weekend, Meta began rolling out an app update that finally brings picture-in-picture mode to iOS. On the other hand, it's unclear when the feature will be available to all Android users, despite being in beta for over a year.

WhatsApp finally enables PiP mode for video calls on iPhone

Meta promised, Meta delivered. In December, Mark Zuckerberg's company announced that it would launch a picture-in-picture mode for video calls on iOS in 2023, but did not give a specific date. Finally, there's no long wait, as the official rollout begins this weekend for all affected users.

Users have been receiving WhatsApp version 23.3.77 on their iPhones for a few days now, which finally brings the picture-in-picture mode to the public. Now in beta for a few months, everyone with the update will now be able to conduct business on their smartphones while making video calls with loved ones.

The picture-in-picture mode has finally landed on the IOS version of WHATSAPP

As a reminder, the picture-in-picture mode allows you to reduce the size of the video and fix it anywhere on the screen without taking up all the space. In this way, it is possible to continue using your smartphone while watching the relevant video, in this case your interlocutor's face during the call. Note that you may have to wait a few more days to download WhatsApp version 23.3.77.

The update doesn't just bring picture-in-picture mode to the iPhone. Additional features are coming soon, such as adding titles to attachments or creating avatars. In the end, for Android users, this question is still in the dark. The feature has been in testing since 2021, but Meta has yet to announce anything about its mainstream release. So patient.