Windows 12: Intel releases a first clue on the new version of the OS


Is Intel ready for Windows 12? At least that's what the leaker said. According to him, the manufacturer's next processor will be suitable for future operating systems. With Microsoft looking to speed up the release of its operating system, this leak makes sense.

Windows 12: Intel releases a first clue on the new version of the OS

According to leaker @leaf_hobby, Microsoft is reportedly preparing Windows 12, while Intel is leaking. He did reveal a very interesting thing about Raymond's future operating system.

In a since-deleted tweet, @leaf_hobby provided information about Meteor Lake, the next generation of Intel processors. Technical details were given, such as the presence of 20 PCIe Gen 5 ports on the platform, but it raised eyebrows by mentioning a not-yet-existing operating system. In fact it is said that this generation will be compatible with Windows 12.

WINDOWS 12 is already working at Microsoft

Intel didn't comment on the leak, nor did Microsoft. However, everything points to the next version of Windows arriving sooner than expected. Indeed, Microsoft wants to accelerate the pace of releases, releasing a new iteration every three years. After Windows 11 launches in 2021, Windows 12 could appear as early as next year. As a reminder, six years have passed between Windows 10 and Windows 11.

In an interview with The Verge a few days ago, Microsoft’s Yusuf Mehdi gave some pointers on the direction of this future operating system:

Therefore, AI should be at the heart of the Windows 12 experience. That's not surprising, since Microsoft is packaging the technology. The next Windows 11 update will also build on this, integrating its own search bar directly into the taskbar.