Google launches new features to travel cheaper


 Google has just announced the introduction of several new features on its search engine. In particular, they will allow you to speed up your hotel reservations, but also to save money on your plane or train tickets.

The summer is coming, and with it the holidays, Google loves to remind you. The American business has already announced the addition of a number of new features to its services, most notably its search engine, in an effort to make your vacations easier.

Google announced at the end of March that information about heat waves would soon be available on its search engine. But the Mountain View company has other novelties in the works as well.

In fact, Google has just unveiled a number of improvements to help you organize your trips more effectively on Monday, April 3, 2023. First of all, those who are accustomed to investigating their future hotel on their smartphone were taken into consideration by the builder.


In fact, users will soon be able to benefit from a new feature on Google Search for mobile devices: "stories" for each business. For instance, if you are looking for the renowned Ritz in Paris, simply click on the story of the hotel to find pictures, learn more about the services provided, learn about the locations/attractions/monuments/transportation nearby, and read reviews from previous guests.
The second innovation is related to Google Flights. It is already feasible to consult and compare the current flight prices using this service. Google takes things a step further by announcing a limited-time, US-only pilot price guarantee initiative. The concept is straightforward: if a ticket displays a "Price Guaranteed" badge, it guarantees that the price will not change between now and the departure date. In the event that the ticket is bought and the price lowers, Google agrees to make up the difference using Google Pay.
The final feature has been created to assist you in better planning your excursions or other activities while traveling. Users will be able to check rates and make reservations by conducting a Google Search or Google Maps search for an attraction, business, or monument. There may also be recommendations for experiences related to your search in some instances. (guided tour, pack grouping several activities, etc.).