Android 14: Applications will open faster than ever thanks to this invisible update


 a report The use of our cellphones will be significantly impacted by the Android update. We tell you that it does not, however, influence a component of the devices that is visible.

Android's functionality is artistic. This straightforward wordplay conceals a crucial element of the Google mobile operating system. Android once made use of the Dalvik virtual machine. She was replaced by Art, which stands for Android Runtime, in 2014 with the release of Android 5.0 Lollipop. Change is crucial. With Dalvik, each time a program was opened, its data was compiled. Art accomplishes this when it is installed. As a result, the installation process takes longer but the software opens quicker because only one compilation is required.

From Android 12, Art is updated independently of the system. This means that even a smartphone that no longer receives new versions of Android can take advantage of those of art to improve “starting times, execution speed and the use of memory” of applications, as recalls Google. For the firm, updating art means testing 18 million APK every day to verify that everything works well.

The art update on Android 14 will further accelerate the opening of applications

With Android 13, Art has a very visible impact. It can be seen on the graph below: on some devices, the starting time of applications is reduced by 30 %. The company intends to go further with Android 14 by setting up a new compilation system on recent models supporting the Android virtualization framework (Android Virtualization Framework). With them, the compilation takes place when the mobile is inactive, which can save up to 20 seconds at the start.

The speed of application opening is not accelerated by the art update. Additionally, it provides a chance to deploy the most recent security fixes (which should not be confused with Android security updates) and to improve overall speed. In the upcoming months, Art 14 will be applied imprecisely to compatible models. Although it won't be visible to user eyes, the difference should be clear.