Android Auto: this essential function no longer works for many users


 Depending on the circumstance, a crucial Android Auto function has been inoperable for days at a time. Numerous users of the Google app have reported the same incredibly unpleasant crash.

Even while everything else works flawlessly, there are some really useful applications that can become far less helpful due to a small glitch. As an illustration, take Android Auto. You may use the Google app to use your smartphone's primary features while driving. Since its debut in 2015, it has expanded significantly and grown increasingly comprehensive. The reception can be personalized, and Google Maps can show where the charging stations are. Updates build upon one another and include useful features.

However, for the past few days, it has been challenging to utilize any of this because voice commands no longer function for many users. a serious drawback for a driving-related app. Nothing works, regardless of whether you use the screen or a special button on the automobile. The notice "Voice commands are not currently available" displays while attempting to activate one.


The affected users don't actually share anything in common. The car's make and model, the smartphone... Regardless of the observed combinations, everyone seems to be affected. However, we note that the bug is current by checking the comments on Reddit, the Google forums, or the application's Play Store website. As a result, it appears to be exclusive to the most recent upgrade of the application.

At least now we are aware that Android Auto beta is impacted and that temporarily downgrading resolves the issue. However, doing so necessitates deleting app updates, retrieving an older APK from the internet, and manually installing it. A extremely unworkable solution, especially given that a straightforward automatic update causes the issue to recur. As of this writing, Google has not publicly addressed the flaw. I'm hoping a fix will be released very soon.