Exchanges are facilitated on Gmail thanks to the arrival of automatic translation


 A new helpful feature in Google Messaging now makes it simpler to read emails on your smartphone that are written in a foreign language.

Why did it take so long for this tool, which seemed so clear to a business like Google, to be available on mobile platforms?

Google Translate comes to the mobile email client after years of waiting

You may receive e-mails in English, German or Spanish, for example when booking a trip to a foreign destination. If you are not familiar with these different languages, or if your college courses are starting to be seriously dated, it is probably difficult for you to understand all the information communicated in these different letters.

You can quickly access French-language content with Google Translate, which the search engine giant has been providing for years. In generating translations that respect the context and the tone of the sentences given, Google Translate has made significant progress and continues to perform better and better.

However, copying and pasting an email into Google Translate is a waste of time and falls short of the quality of the search engine's standard user experience. The Gmail teams are cognizant of this as well and have introduced a new option that incorporates Google Translate right into Gmail.

An automatic translation tool for Gmail Android and iOS

The email options available in Gmail now have a "Translate" menu thanks to version 2023.07.23.x for Android and iOS. When you get an email that is not in your device's native language, a banner will automatically appear in the header to let you quickly translate it. The same method can be used to get back to the original version.
A manual alternative is offered in the event that the translation is unsuccessful. You'll need to access a second menu asking you to select your favorite language by clicking on "Translate" after clicking the icon (the three small dots) that opens the options menu. The translation program supports more than 100 languages, which is the same number as Google Translate.
Even if your app is up to date, you might not have noticed the choice just yet because updating takes place on the server side. The utility should be made available to every user account after a few days.