Galaxy S23: August 2023 update adds new photo features


 Samsung's Galaxy S23s are among the benchmarks of 2023 when it comes to their photo quality, and these are set to get even better thanks to the new August update.

The new August 2023 update brings a host of new features to the Galaxy S23, taking the camera experience to the next level. These updates build on the device's already impressive capabilities and are designed to improve various shooting scenarios and give users more options.

Samsung smartphones have recently received a feature allowing them to record videos at 8K 30 FPS and QHD 60 FPS with Super Steady mode, and Samsung is now making improvements to the zoom of its smartphones.


The main innovation of this new version is the 2x zoom option available through the camera wizard. Users can now enjoy an optimized 2x zoom in the camera app, which increases flexibility and versatility when capturing different scenes. The feature works by cropping on the sensor, providing image quality comparable to native optical zoom.

To enable it, users must ensure the latest camera and gallery updates are installed from the Galaxy Store, then update the Camera Assistant app to version and install the August 2023 security patch. Once the app is open, enable the "Optical Quality Crop Zoom" option and you can enjoy the new 2x zoom feature in the camera app.

Another new feature in the August update is the integration of AI image quality with digital zoom, a feature already found in Samsung's latest foldable phones, the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Z Flip 5. The technology promises to improve the clarity and detail of digital zoom images, allowing users to capture detailed photos even from a distance.

The image quality of the high-resolution mode of the Galaxy S23 series has also been improved. 50MP and 200MP images now have better blur, better lighting, and optimized shadow noise. Finally, the Galaxy S23 benefits from improved portrait video mode effects. Effects like Big Circle, Color Point, and Glitch now support a smoother frame rate of 30 frames per second.