Google Bard: a copy of the sculpin infects your PC with malware, be careful


 Users are tricked into downloading malicious updates on social media by a phony advertisement for Google's chatbot Bard.

Some individuals have taken note of Bard, a competitor of Google's ChatGPT, due to its success. They are not well-intentioned, therefore bad luck. We are starting to see adverts promoting the virtues of a Mountain View-made update to the chatbot on social media, with Facebook taking the lead. It is not abnormal in and of itself that Google advertises their tool. Except that the post is rather weird when you look at it more closely.

The screenshot that follows informs us that Bard has a "new update" ready. Click on a shortened link to access a free trial. There is no mention of Google, only of "," a site that is legal for shortening large URLs. Many individuals compliment the software in the post's comments. Same observation: none of the evaluations appear to have been written simultaneously, and not once does the phrase "Google" appear. They clearly represent the labor of robots.


You are regrettably taken to a Google-hosted website if you click the link (don't do it). Skip the questionable design and examine the "Download AIBard" link instead. The password-protected "GoogleAIUpdata.rar" file can be downloaded using a private Google Drive. The "Google Bard AI setup.msi" malware that is contained within will change your web browser so that unwanted adverts are displayed.

You'll see that this con is shady from beginning to end. Although it might be seen from a distance, keep in mind that only clicking on a dubious link can give the hacker access to personal data. Particularly if you are logged into an account (such as Facebook, Google, etc.) at the moment. Always be on the lookout for such questionable advertising.