Google Chrome will warn you when installed extensions are malware


 Google is taking significant action to safeguard users against the unchecked spread of harmful browser extensions. Soon, the well-known browser will be able to alert you if one of them is questionable.

To combat the continued influx of unwanted and potentially dangerous extensions into the Chrome Web Store, Google is introducing a feature that notifies users when an installed extension has been removed from the store, a sign that could mean it's getting lost. is a malicious application.

Unreliable developers have long infiltrated the Chrome Web Store, creating these addons that conceal spyware. Although they were only discovered by computer security specialists a few weeks ago, Chrome has been experiencing this behavior for some time. These extensions represent major security and privacy risks, whether they inject adverts, monitor user behavior, reroute to connected domains, or even compromise critical information like your personal data.


One of the most obvious problems is that users who have previously installed these malicious extensions are still at risk even after Google finds and removes them. Google is incorporating its "Safety Check" feature into browser extensions as a fix for this issue.

Users of Chrome will be prompted by this feature to uninstall extensions that have been flagged as malicious or taken down from the store due to violations of store policies. The removal of extensions from the Chrome Web Store can happen for a number of reasons, according to Google, including policy breaches, developer failure to publish, and virus discovery.

Although Chrome 117 will have this feature, Chrome 116 users can test it out by turning on the experimental "Extensions module in Safety Check" feature. This is how:

Enter "chrome://flags/#safety-check-extensions" in the address bar of Chrome after launching it.
To access the Chrome "Flags" page, use the "Enter" key.
Find and activate the "Extensions Module in Safety Check" functionality.
As instructed, restart the browser to enable the function.

When the functionality is activated, a new option titled "View extensions removed from the Chrome Web Store" becomes available in the "Privacy and security" settings. Users can access their extension page, where information about removed extensions, including the reasons for their removal, is published, by clicking this option.
It goes without saying that users are strongly advised to remove these potentially harmful extensions as soon as possible to safeguard the security of their data and stop further attacks.