iPhone 15: The Pro Max model would not arrive until October because of a production delay


 Unfavorable news for those who intended to purchase the most costly iPhone this year: a production issue would delay its release to a few weeks after other models.

Even while Apple usually releases its four new iPhone models at the same time each year, production delays occasionally force some models to have their delivery dates pushed back. If we are to believe an expert whose information was supplied by 9TO5MAC, this might exact happen again with this next generation of iPhone 15.

In fact, he claims that the iPhone 15, 15 Plus, 15 pro, and 15 pro max will be successfully released on September 12 and will be discontinued on September 22. However, production issues with the Pro Max variant, which may be referred to as Ultra, would compel Apple to postpone the exit the next month.

The iPhone 15 Pro Max is said to be delayed because of its periscope

The new Sony Periscope camera on the high-end gadget is what would be causing this delay. Recall that this is the first time Apple chooses to use this kind of sensor in one of its smartphones, which is why the firm is considering renaming its product as the "Ultra iPhone 15."

It is a periscope offering an optical zoom of at least 6x, according to earlier claims. Since this sensor is far more complicated than the others, Sony may have had production delays. The periscope will be accompanied by a redesigned action button, a titanium frame, and a screen with even more refined edges.

The expert predicted that this would cause its distribution to be delayed at least until October 3 and possibly even until October 13. You will therefore need to wait a bit longer before you can get it, but you are also reminded that Apple also intends to raise pricing on all of its models this year. The iPhone 15 Pro Max might potentially cost up to $2500 as a result of this additional increase, which is unprecedented for an iPhone.

Origin: 9TO5MAC