Moody Photoshop Panel v1.1.2 Full version


 With just one click, the user of this panel for Adobe Photoshop can provide a beautiful and professional color. Due to its technological capabilities, Moody can adapt to any type of photography, but every type of photography might cause problems for him. No problem whether your photo is overexposed or underexposed. Before adding any effect, whether it be a color or contrast, Moody automatically detects the exposure and provides the ideal balance of light and mood. Make your pictures stand out! 

Moody Photoshop Panel v1.1.2 Full version

From now on, all it takes is one click to add the appropriate mood to your images, whether you're sad or cheerful. We suggest stop wasting hours trying to reproduce effects on your computer since with the help of hundreds of Moody complex filters, you can always discover the perfect idea for your images... simply!

Characteristics Moody Photoshop Panel v1.1.2 Full version

DESIGN: The user can have a distinctive user experience thanks to the straightforward and clean design. 

UI: The order of the effect, which is classified into four categories, also determines the user experience. 

Moody also has a menu where you can get settings that are personalized for you. 

ALLAPORTATA OF TUTT: A click is crucial to its operation! Simply browse the many effects and click to use it! 

MOODY COLORS: Because moody colors uses a unique technique to just alter the affected areas without giving them a strong dominant color, we are able to select the dominant color and sharpness that best complements our image. 

LIGHT COLORS: Using cutting-edge methods, these filters purely and alone alter the lighting in a photograph. If a picture is lacking in light, what is the best way to give it life? 

FILTERS: This area makes use of actual filters, which, due to the image light control (ILC) technology, enhance, contrast, display, or darken your images depending on the circumstance. Have you got a dim picture? So you apply the filter by lighting, and the opposite is true. This part also focuses on a modern, highly desired ambiance! 

B & W: Filters that use the black-and-white technique in a range of substances, from darker to lighter and fluffy! 

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