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 The Perfectly Clear Workbench is a program that makes use of the Perfectly Clear image correction libraries from Athentech. It is made available to show off the processing libraries' skills as well as their face recognition and face exporting features.

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The application can help with dark circles beneath the eyes, excess shine in photographs, adding shine to the eyes, enlarging the eyes, whitening the teeth, and toning the skin. It will detect and erase abnormalities and other skin problems. In other words, you can no longer risk your safety by waking up and being photographed right away. The program will process everything and turn into candy, so you won't need to spend much time in front of the mirror.

The program features 20 indications, which are used for reconciliation and correction. As a consequence, the picture is flawless and attractive. The cameras have their limitations, and they can muddy the skin tone, add noise to the image, and do other things. This plugin is aware of all these limitations and goes above and above to find, remove, and provide them; all you have to do is save the outcome.

Supported Image Formats: 

Images for Perfectly Clear must be in RGB format and have a color depth of either 8 or 16 bits. Perfectly Clear can be used with any image file that Photoshop or Lightroom can open and convert to this format. Before using Perfectly Clear, monochrome and CMYK photos must be converted to RGB. Adobe Camera RAW must be used to open RAW files before they can be loaded into Photoshop and used with Perfectly Clear.

Perfectly Clear WorkBench 4 has a gorgeous new UI.

new tools for image correction

Preprocessing section for "Image Ambulance" for manual exposure corrections and "Input Looks" for input looks

For more precise auto-exposure adjustments in portraits and group shots, choose "Face Aware" exposure.

Deepening blacks with the Black Point tool

A new color vibrancy tool to go along with our old "Vibrancy" control, which is now called Color Restoration

Enhancements to the Sky and Flora

The following tools have been upgraded:

Strength sliders have been added to Light Diffusion and Vibrancy to improve control.

Better 'color pickers' for adjusting Skin Tone and Blush

Identify faces manually that are not automatically identified

a single click to zoom in on specific faces

Adapt facial areas for the best repairs.


greatly enhanced preset management

Download Perfectly Clear WorkBench for MacOS

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