Tesla: iPhone app becomes easier to use with Apple Shortcuts


 Good news for Tesla vehicle owners who also use iPhones, the automaker has just added support for one of the best iOS features on its app: Shortcuts.

Tesla's iPhone app just got a new update, number 4.24.0, and with it comes a handy new feature. Indeed, it now supports Apple Shortcuts. "Access your vehicle's controls and climate control from the Apple Shortcuts app," Tesla announces in the release notes.

If you're not familiar with the Shortcuts application, you can use this one to justify your routines and gain a few valuable seconds back when performing routine operations. A shortcut is just a technique to use a tap or a Siri command to do an action in one of your apps. In 2018, the Shortcuts app debuted alongside iOS 12. It evolved from Workflow, an iPhone automation tool that Apple had bought the year before.


Invoking Siri is now as simple as saying the name of the automation you want. Additionally, Apple no longer requires you to say "Hey Siri" when requesting assistance from the virtual assistant; a simple "Siri" will do.

As opposed to the standard commands that Siri can understand, this time you must say the name of the automation verbatim in order for it to function, so memorize it.

Here is the full list of proposed automations, revealed by Not a Tesla App:

Bioweapon Defense Mode
Camp Fashion
dog fashion
Precondition Vehicle
Set Seat Heater (seat position and heat level)
Set Temperature (choose climate temperature)
Wind Windows
Set Media Volume
Test emissions
Close All Windows
Honk Horn
Open/Close Charge Port
Open/Close Door (Model X)
Open/Close Rear Trunk
Sentry Mode
Set Charge Limit
Start/Stop Charging

You can now use Shortcuts Widgets to start tasks without opening the Tesla app on your iPhone in addition to asking Siri to perform all of these things for you. Previously, you had to use third-party applications like Tessie to accomplish the same tasks. So long as you also use an iPhone, this new upgrade will significantly simplify how you use your Tesla.