The Xiaomi 13T Pro will receive 4 years of updates, welcome to the big leagues


 The Redmi K60 Ultra is the first high-end smartphone to benefit from an upgrade to Xiaomi's software tracking policy. The Xiaomi 13T Pro should have its software monitoring increased in Europe.

It took Xiaomi an additional two years to decide to enhance the software monitoring of its devices after the Xiaomi 11T Pro set the precedent with its 3 years of Android updates and 4 years of security updates. The Redmi K60 Ultra, a Chinese smartphone that is comparable to the upcoming Xiaomi 13T Pro, will in reality receive the longest follow-up on a device from the brand, the Chinese company revealed on Weibo.

With the addition of 4 years of Android upgrades and 5 years of security patches, Xiaomi's premium smartphones will now have an even longer lifespan. The Xiaomi 13T Pro should be updated to Android 17 since it will ship with Android 13 out of the box.


Xiaomi is therefore in line with Oppo or Samsung, which also provide such a lengthy follow-up, by providing 4 years of Android upgrades and 5 years of security updates. However, when it comes to the frequency of upgrades, the Korean behemoth will always be in the front.

The most recent Samsung high-end smartphones presently get monthly updates, which means they get all the security patches Google releases each month. The Galaxy S20, which was released in February 2020, is still benefited by these regular updates.

Instead, Xiaomi said that its smartphones will receive quarterly updates. Therefore, they should receive 4 times less updates than Samsung devices, but in practice, they frequently receive even less.

While Xiaomi releases the appropriate amount of upgrades for its premium smartphones in China, it releases much less updates in Europe. One of the company's flagship models, the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra, for instance, had not seen any updates in many months. According to some owner reviews, the successor to the recent Xiaomi 13 Ultra is not flawless either, even if it is extremely expensive at 1499 euros.