Threads: Twitter competitor to launch long-awaited feature


 This week, the widely awaited web version may be added to Meta's social network Threads. A significant asset for a network still limited to mobile devices, but much more is needed to even attempt to scare Twitter (X).

Starting this week, Meta's social network, Threads, might be entitled to a feature that might fundamentally alter everything. The Wall Street Journal reports that the application will soon have a desktop version. A true game-changer, given that its primary rival's website is still well-liked.

Simply said, Threads is Twitter (now X) without Elon Musk. It was made for mobile use and released last July on iOS and Android. This represents a significant advancement for the network, which would provide it a new weapon to use against its main rival.


Regular users of Twitter are aware of how popular it is to open the social network in your browser, keep it open in a tab or on a secondary screen, and check it sometimes. With Threads, something is currently not possible.

Threads reached 100 million users in July after a brisk start in early July. The latter immediately adopted the idea, seeking out a robust network away from Musk's antics. However, the absence of fundamental functionality, an occasionally odd algorithm, and several problems reveal a hurried debut. Given that there are now 10 million daily users, the sentence was quickly delivered.

There is still a lot of work to be done in order for Threads to succeed in being the well-liked social network of the future. There is only one step to the desktop version. According to Mark Zuckerberg's own admission, the application will soon have a search engine. Users in Europe are also anticipating the app's availability there, which is still pending at this time.
However, Elon Musk, who continues to make bad choices every day, is without a doubt Threads' strongest ally in its expansion. The most recent is charging for TweetDeck.