WhatsApp: the option to share your photos in HD is available, here how to use it


 An update to WhatsApp messaging adds the ability to share a photo in its original quality, without app compression. We show you how.

An instant messenger with lots of cool features is WhatsApp. Nearly every update includes one. Nevertheless, there was one area where the service had been subpar for a while. photo exchange. Naturally, WhatsApp permits that, but the issue is that the application decreases the photo's quality in order to make it less hefty. It's likely that you won't even notice the difference if you see the image on your mobile device. On a computer screen, though, it might irritate the eyes.

We revealed back in June that WhatsApp was experimenting with transmitting photographs in their original quality. When the feature is ultimately made available to all users, Mark Zuckerberg makes the announcement on Facebook. It is quite simple to use, and we were able to test it out. Additionally, we observe that it is a sharing without any compression. A major distinction is the potential for delivering HD videos in the future, however the quality of those videos will still suffer slightly.


HD photo sharing on WhatsApp takes the form of a new icon that is very effectively integrated into the overall design. On Android, the following modifications were made. after engaging in the targeted conversation:

  1. Touch the camera in the bottom right.
  2. At the bottom left, press the photography icon to display the snapshots present on the smartphone.
  3. Select the one you want to share. Note the HD icon at the top.
  4. Touch the HD icon.
  5. A popup appears with two choices. Check HD Quality. This is the original quality of the photo.
  6. Validate with Done.
  7. Add a caption if you wish and send the photo as usual by tapping the green arrow in the bottom right.