WhatsApp: sending videos in HD is available, but there is a limit


 The function of sending videos in HD on WhatsApp comes out of beta and begins its deployment on our smartphones. Very easy to use, it is however quite limited.

Finally, it appears that WhatsApp instant messaging wants to enable us to fully utilize the possibilities of our cellphones. especially the caliber of the images and films that can be recorded. Recently, the Meta program introduced the ability to share photographs in their uncompressed, original definition. As a result, it was unable to utilize a feature that WhatsApp has been beta testing since last June: the ability to do the same with videos.

We already understood at that time that it wouldn't be a straightforward transfer of the file without any changes of any kind. Given that practically all of the videos on our mobile devices are 4K by default, we can understand this. The size of the movies is crucial, because distributing them in their current state could eventually harm the messaging systems. But the HD transmitting cap that has been established is unfortunate.


The feature is incredibly simple to use. An HD icon will appear at the top of the screen once you have finished filming something using the WhatsApp app. Touch it to switch between the 480p compressed definition and the HD version, which is only available in 720p or 1280 x 720 pixels, as noticed by our friends at Android Headlines. Both situations indicate the total weight. Given that WhatsApp only permits videos to be 16 MB in size, it makes sense that the objective is to stay under that limit despite increasing definition.

Even while we must remember the technical implications of this, we are a little disappointed that Meta was unable to do better. Of course, there is still the option of sending his movie as a document, which the application won't compress. However, the ability to avoid this approach would have been appreciated. As HD video sharing becomes available, remember to update WhatsApp to see it.