WhatsApp will completely rework its design on Android to improve readability


 WhatsApp's latest beta completely transforms the app on Android. The interface has in fact been extensively reworked, particularly at the level of the upper banner and the organization of conversations, in order to improve readability for the user. It is not yet known when this will be available.

WhatsApp frequently updates the look of its software, sometimes on the desktop version and other times on the various mobile interfaces. Therefore, it is not surprising to see it testing a brand-new UI in its most recent beta for its Android edition. As you can see in the image above, the messaging has a much more sophisticated style in version, which is also more open and readable.

The website WEBetaInfo, which broke the news, claims that this new interface appears to be particularly designed for Android handsets. One of the most noticeable modifications is the upper banner, which is now fully white. This makes the application's new green logo stand out much more. You may rapidly navigate to any section using the tabs, which are now located in the lower portion of the screen. We anticipate that this design will adjust to the application's dark mode.


New labels, such as unread, personal, and professional, as well as a final label that compiles all of your chats, are now saved where these renowned tabs were previously kept. Once more, the goal is to save users' time by providing a direct sorting option for their communications so they can identify the ones that interest them more quickly.

Let's bear in mind that before it is implemented for the general public, the design described here is still open to change. Once more according to WABetaInfo, this ought to happen before the year is over. The fundamentals should, however, stay the same because WhatsApp's goal is very obviously to increase clarity while clearing up space. We'll keep you updated on the project's development.