Windows 11: the latest security update breaks the essential functions of some PCs


 The cumulative update of Windows 11 version 22H2 for x64 systems (KB5029263) was released on August 8 and it offers many improvements to users of the OS. If for the majority, the experience is embellished, for others, it is a real nightmare.

Microsoft claims that the KB5029263 patch for Windows 11 version 22H2 could "reduce system startup time, so you can enjoy your computer even faster." To further improve the accuracy of the brightness adjustment, the company also made adjustments to the UI. The business also boasts that it can now recognize Chinese characters written by hand far more effectively. Additionally, Microsoft uncovered a patch for the SSD performance bug and a way to stop pinned widgets from mysteriously disappearing from the taskbar.

No more this problem which affected a large number of users: the screen and/or the audio interface sometimes got out of sync when the PC restarted, after having been in standby mode. A very annoying bug that most often required restarting the system for these accessories to finally connect. Good news for users who have noticed a slowdown in their VPN if they are connected to a Mesh router, the company has eradicated this bug as well.


Although this cumulative update is automatically installed and, in principle, fixes several issues, the Windows 11 Feedback Hub is still accumulating user complaints. The update cannot be downloaded by their system. Restarting the computer does not fix the issue because the patch is necessary. The user is forced into a very annoying infinite cycle as the computer tries to get the file again in vain.

Numerous reviews assert that Windows 11 functionality was broken by the update. more reachable. Others cannot use File Explorer at all. Therefore, the situation is critical. Some Internet users are unable to utilize their PCs, both in terms of security (due to an inability to connect to Microsoft Defender) and functionality.