Windows 11: the latest update causes blue screens of death, do not install it now!


 Microsoft published two new upgrades for Windows 11 and 10 on Tuesday, August 22, 2023. These fixes, unfortunately, lead to blue screens of death, as many users can verify.

Undoubtedly, users experience a lot of issues as a result of the most recent cumulative Windows updates. The Microsoft security update that was deployed at the start of August disrupted several PCs' fundamental features. Some people couldn't access File Explorer, while others couldn't access Microsoft Defender.

Microsoft released two cumulative upgrades for Windows 11 and 10 on Tuesday, August 22, 2023, with the respective codenames KB5029351 and KB5029331. These two patches were originally intended to concentrate on enhancing the Search functionality of both OSes and creating a new Backup program.


Only after their rollout did numerous negative user comments start to proliferate on Reddit, social media, and Microsoft forums. The blue screens of death that would typically be brought on by issues "with an incompatible processor" have in fact been brought on by these updates.
The two OS were able to remove the problematic upgrades after a first blue screen appeared, providing consolation to the afflicted consumers. The Redmond company claims that owners of MSI motherboards will be the primary victims of this rather crippling problem.


In fact, we observe a commonality among all the problem reports that have been disseminated here and there: all the affected customers have a specific brand chip installed, ranging from the Z690 to the most recent Z790. The cause of the issue has not yet been determined with certainty, however we speculate that it may be a compatibility issue with the most recent BIOS that the manufacturer has recently issued.

Users have witnessed the bug remove after downgrading to an earlier version of MSI's BIOS, proving this notion. In either case, Microsoft requests that you submit a report on the Feedback Hub if you run into this problem. Of course, if you have an MSI motherboard, we strongly advise against installing these two upgrades (which are still accessible on Windows Update). Until Microsoft fixes the issue, at least.