Xiaomi would prepare to replace Android with Mios, its own operating system


In secret, Xiaomi would develop Mios, a brand-new smartphone operating system. The latter would later be utilized, particularly in its linked electric cars, on the Chinese manufacturer's cellphones.

The initial details concerning Mios were initially made public a few months ago. We discovered that Xiaomi was creating its own operating system at the end of last year, and that it was already in an alpha version, meaning that it will soon be prepared for deployment in beta version on the first devices.

Xiaomi recently purchased the domain name "Mios.CN" in China, according to leaker @That_kartikey, indicating that the Chinese company intends to release an operating system with that name.

Mios would first arrive in Xiaomi cars

The manufacturer's electric automobiles would likely use this operating system initially, followed by smartphones in the future, according to information from the Leaker. Recall that Xiaomi has been working on an electric vehicle for a while, which has already been repeatedly spotted in China. Even the expected appearance of the vehicle was revealed by returns.

The vehicle infotainment system will then run on this operating system, and we anticipate Xiaomi would take the same method Huawei did with Harmonyos to make it compatible with many gadgets, including smartphones. Thus, in the upcoming years, Miui would vacate its position in Mios.

Another Leaker, Digital Chat Station, revealed to him that Mios would be "compatible" with AOSP, that is to say that he would always support Android applications. For the moment, we do not know if it means that Mios will always be based on the Android Open Source Program, as was Harmonyos so far, where if it will really be a brand new system of 'Operating. This is particularly the case with the new Harmonyos Next which has recently been unveiled, and which is no longer based on Google AOSP.