Android: how to stop your smartphone from listening to you


 There is a simple solution to disable Google Assistant if you don't use it or if you no longer want your smartphone to record what you say. We'll walk you through the steps.

You undoubtedly already know that Android handsets come pre-installed with their sophisticated personal assistant. Google has Google Assistant, Apple has Siri, and Samsung has Bixby. The latter is the one that is enabled by saying "Hey Google" and is therefore always available. Not everyone wants to use it, despite the fact that it is getting more and more advanced, especially with the rumored introduction of Bard, the conversational AI from the Mountain View company.

However, the assistant is automatically engaged and records everything you say while holding your smartphone in front of your face. To put it another way, the microphone is always "listening" in case you say the activation phrase. Even if everything is safe and shouldn't leak in theory, it might be best to disable Google Assistant to avoid any possible dangers.


The handling is easy. Keep in mind that Android 12 was used. Therefore, depending on your version of the system, the procedure could vary very slightly:

Launch the Settings app.
Visit Google.
Click Settings for Google Apps.
Select Voice, Assistant, or Search.
Toggle Voice on the bottom.
Choosing Voice Match.
The button can be used to disable Hey Google.

This will just stop Google Assistant from listening. Your smartphone's other apps may still be allowed to access the microphone since they require it to operate. By navigating to Settings. Applications, you may, however, restrict listening for each individual application.
All of the applications on your device should be displayed.
Choose the one with a microphone by tapping it.
Launch the microphone after Permissions.
Only if the program is being used, select Allow.
While your applications won't stop functioning as a result, they won't be listening constantly. Use the Show all apps with this permission option, as seen in the screenshot below, to make things simpler.