iOS 17: how to change the default notification sound

 You might be one of those people who finds the new notification ringtone in iOS 17 intolerable. Rest assured that switching back to the previous one or any other is fairly simple.

You have pleasantly absorbed yourself in all the new features of Apple's mobile operating system after properly preparing your iPhone to upgrade to iOS 17. And there are many of them in iOS 17. The numerous modifications can even go overlooked. Have you heard the brand-new phone's standard notification tone? Or perhaps you've not heard about it? So, like many others, you have discovered that you have a problem.

Its somber "Rebound" title is not itself offensive to the ear. We primarily fault it for having an extremely low volume, even when it is turned up. The user "hopes Tim Cook also misses his notifications so we can have the option to change the sound" said on the community social network Reddit. Thankfully, it is already feasible and not at all difficult.


Remember that this is about adjusting the default sound up front. This indicates that certain third-party applications you use won't experience any status changes. To assign the desired ringtone, you must visit each of them. Given that, the following is how to achieve it with iOS 17:

Go to Settings on your iPhone to get going.
Navigate to the Sounds & Vibrations section from there.
The notification ringtones may be located in His SMS after you're in the menu.
Scroll to the bottom of the screen and select Classic to access the iOS default sounds from earlier releases.
Choose the desired sound from this section or another.

That's it. Now, you ought now be able to hear the notification better. The locations of the previous default sounds are shown here, but don't forget that iOS 17 adds more than twenty new ones. Even if "Rebound" isn't your style, perhaps you'll find another one in the news that is.


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