How do I leave a voicemail message without the phone ringing?

 If you don't want to disturb the person you want to contact, the magic of ringless voicemail can be incredibly helpful. Every operator has a different answer.

Think about being in a meeting, relaxing, or otherwise preoccupied with something essential. And then an unexpected call rings or vibrates noisily on your phone. Users can leave voicemails with operators without disturbing the intended receivers. The people who will thank you are your friends, family, and coworkers.

At Orange and SFR, it's really easy

Who hasn't ever wished they could leave a voicemail without having to ring the person they're trying to reach? Fortunately, some of the operators' solutions allow us to maintain our peace of mind while still being connected.

The solution is no simpler if your contact is with Orange or Sosh. Use your phone's keyboard to enter 06 80 80 80 80. You will arrive at a voice-activated server where you must enter the last ten digits of your interlocutor's phone number before pressing the number key. Let me lead you in a kid's game.

The process is the same for SFR and RED, but you'll need to contact a different number logically. When you enter the numbers 06 10 00 10 00 here, a voice server will appear and ask you to enter the recipient's 10 digits and press the # key at the end.

It's more complicated if you want to leave a message on a Free Mobile or Bouygues Telecom number

It gets a little trickier with other operators. It is very possible to call your number from either a landline or a mobile phone and go straight to a Free Mobile answering machine, but you will have to pay 2.99 euros per call at the register. To leave a message on a Free Mobile number, dial 32 77 then the contact's first 10 numbers. By pressing the * key after the call has started, you can skip the message on the answering machine.
The dunce cap goes to Bouygues Telecom (and B&You) in this case. The operator does, in fact, provide a solution, although it is not particularly accommodating. To leave a voice message, press the 660 key on your keyboard and then the recipient's number. Although it is useful, you may not be aware of the ideal solution: you can only leave a message if you are also at Bouygues Telecom. Naturally, this quickly restricts the options.

You have more options for leaving a voicemail without upsetting the person you are speaking to. For instance, if the two smartphones are compatible, you can record a message using your phone's voice command and send it like a regular SMS or MMS. A few programs, the most of which unfortunately demand payment, are also usable. Instant messaging is another option, but you need to be connected to your interlocutor first.

You currently hold all the cards necessary to leave or not leave your recipient with this well-known message.


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