How to disable Xbox Game Bar on Windows?

 The Xbox Game Bar can be a useful feature when playing games, but most of the time it is just a clumsy tool that can easily get in the way in daily life. Hence the requirement to deactivate it in some circumstances. You must still possess the necessary skills.

Xbox Game Bar comes pre-installed on Windows, whether it's version 10 or 11, and it may have an impact on how well the computer performs when engaging in energy-intensive tasks like gaming or video editing. It is therefore possible that turning it off will improve user experience overall. But how can Xbox Game Bar be turned off in Windows 10 or 11?

What is Xbox Game Bar?

The Xbox Game Bar is a tool that gives users access to numerous functions, most of which are used when playing games. Under Windows, it is mostly used to record screenshots and video of game clips. It does, however, permit other operations. One can, for instance, listen to music in full play by connecting a Spotify account.

Access to computer performance data (such as frame rates, etc.), Xbox achievements, or even all of Xbox's social features (Xbox Chat & Social) are all available through the Xbox Game Bar. Therefore, if you seldom play video games on your PC, it is a necessary tool.

Why do you want to turn off Xbox Game Bar?

The Xbox Game Bar can affect the computer's performance because it runs in the background the majority of the time, especially while the computer is engaged in labor-intensive activities like gaming or video editing. In this situation, turning off Xbox Game Bar could improve the device's overall performance. On the other hand, disabling the Xbox Game Bar will still be advantageous if you never play video games because its benefit will then be eliminated.

How to disable Xbox Game Bar in Windows 11?

1. Navigate to the Windows Settings
You need to access Windows settings first. Simply select the "Settings" option from the Start menu by clicking on it.

2. Open the Xbox Game Bar window.
Once in the settings, the user may change the Xbox Game Bar's settings by selecting "Xbox Game Bar" after selecting "Games" from the menu on the left of the screen.

3. Turn off the Xbox Game Bar
It is best to uncheck the item next to "Open Xbox Game Bar using this button on a controller" in order to turn off the Xbox Game Bar. However, take cautious since it might still operate in the background. To guarantee that this is not the case, numerous additional actions will consequently need to be taken.

4. Verify that Xbox Game Bar is not active in the background.
It is incorrect to assume that disabling the Xbox Game Bar's automatic launch with a controller button push would stop it from operating in the background. You must go to Settings, then Applications, and then Installed Applications to accomplish this. All of the programs that are installed on the device are shown in this window. Search for "Xbox Game Bar" here, click on the three tiny vertical dots to the right of its name, and then choose "Advanced options" from the list that appears.

Simply choose "Never" under "Background app permissions" to stop Xbox Game Bar from starting up without the user's knowledge. This will totally shut down the program. It's crucial to understand that because Xbox Game Bar is a native component of Windows, it cannot be permanently deleted or uninstalled from the operating system. Thus, this approach makes it the easiest to get rid of all the application's potential consequences without uninstalling it.

How can Xbox Game Bar be turned off in Windows 10?

The handling is a little easier on Windows 10. Toggle off the "Record game clips, screenshots, and streams using Game Bar" option, first choose Settings, then Games.
Additionally, we advise deselecting the check boxes next to "Open the Game Bar using this button on a Controller" and "Show the Game Bar when playing Microsoft-verified games full screen." You may use a controller or the "Windows + G" shortcut to disable access to the Xbox Game Bar by performing these actions.


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