How to enable StandBy mode on iOS 17

 With iOS 17, Apple turns your charging iPhone into a clock radio. StandBy mode now displays a lot of information on your smartphone screen. Find out how to enable and configure it with our guide below.

What is StandBy, the new iPhone display mode?

One of iOS 17's most significant new features is StandBy, or "Standby" in proper French. Since September 18, 2023, the latest iPhone operating system update has included a new mode that enables you to use the smartphone screen while it is charging.

The idea is to make use of the iPhone's screen when it is positioned horizontally on a charging station. Up until recently, using a smartphone required touching the screen while it was charging the battery. With several widgets that are constantly visible on the screen, StandBy provides you with useful information whether you are at work, cooking, or getting out of bed.

Simply place your iPhone on a MagSafe charging stand or connect it to a Lightning or USB-C connection to activate StandBy mode. The iPhone must be held horizontally, and numerous supports from accessory manufacturers in the third party are offered for this reason. You can also balance it on your desk or nightstand, however we advise using a support to ensure the stability of your priceless one.

How to activate StandBy on your iPhone?

1. Check your iPhone's settings to see if "StandBy" is turned on.
When purchasing a new iPhone running iOS 17 or after updating, the StandBy mode is automatically enabled. Simply open the Settings app on your phone if this is not the case. Then, select the "Standby" area after scrolling through the list of suggested choices. Then, select "Standby" to turn the option on.

2. Add these other settings to "StandBy" to make it your own
You'll see a selection of choices for customizing how StandBy functions. You may now take use of the always-on screen, which displays your wallpaper or widgets when your phone is dormant, if you own an iPhone 14 Pro or an iPhone 15 Pro. When you walk away while using a newer iPhone that hasn't been used for a while or while wearing an Apple Watch, the phone can intelligently turn off the screen to save battery life. Utilizing the same function, StandBy can "intelligently" turn off after a time period determined by iOS, preventing a permanent display, for instance when you are sleeping or away.
On this tab, you can also enable or disable Night Mode. If you charge your phone at night and use it as an alarm clock, StandBy can really use the iPhone's light sensor to tint the display red.

When your iPhone is charging and in this mode, you may manage the display of alerts thanks to the StandBy settings. You can enable or disable the receipt of alerts, which are displayed in full screen mode upon receipt, if you want to, for example, keep family members from viewing your most recent messages.

Finally, there is a choice to display the overview upon contact. The alerts are displayed in this way generally, and you must tap the screen to see the content, such as the subject line of an email or the beginning of a message. This setting should be turned on if you want to control the confidentiality of your personal information when your iPhone is in use in a public area (such an open space, for example).

How to configure StandBy on iOS 17?

1. Select your preferred screen from those included with iOS 17
There is no options menu in the StandBy settings. To access the personalization choices, you must first enter the mode by holding your iPhone horizontally. Apple chose a simpler approach.
The clock is displayed on the left side of the screen in the first pane by default, and the current weather for your area is shown on the right. Other Apple alternatives can take the place of these two widgets. To find the widgets telling you the stock price of your flagship stock, your activity rings, the video game to explore on the App Store, or your most recent reminders, simply scroll from top to bottom and vice versa.

2. Customize widget display
You can edit the suggested list by adding or removing widgets by holding down on a widget. Use the tiny "-" button in the upper right corner of each widget to remove the Stock Market widget if it doesn't interest you. Additionally, you have the option to set or disable Smart Rotation, which will contextually offer widgets to you according to the time of day or your usage patterns.

3. Check out the full-screen views in StandBy to see your images or the time.
There are other presentations in Standby besides this one. Find the two more presentation types by swiping the screen from right to left.

We may bring up the Photos option, which shows the greatest iPhone pictures organized by category. For instance, the Photos program includes images of animals, cities visited, or images marked as favorites. Simply scroll up and down on the screen to change between leaderboards. You can rearrange the Apple-provided list of smart albums by keeping your finger pressed on the screen. You can also select an album you've created to show only the pre-selected pictures. You must do this by clicking the "+" button in the top left corner of the screen.
The clock, which is shown in full screen, is Apple's final mode. Again, a variety of designs are available, from a flashier, more colorful time to a globe clock with time zone presentation, including a display that leans toward the good ol' analog clocks, there is something to suit every taste.

When the iPhone is charged, you may quickly pick your preferred clock by holding down on the screen to view the list of various styles and adjust the order.


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