Several variations and even prices are hinted at by a recent Nintendo Switch 2 leak.

 According to a recent Nintendo Switch 2 rumor, both the console's pricing and release date are known. However, as always, this information needs to be treated with caution.

Although the Nintendo Switch 2 was scheduled to hit stores in the first half of 2024, the introduction of the new system will undoubtedly happen in the second. ResetEra intel claims that Nintendo has already chosen a certain launch date: September 24. The placeholder also says that everyone will be able to purchase the console in November.

SoldierDelta, a Discord member who previously shared details and images of Team NINJA's Rise of the Ronin on The Snitch server, is the source of this latest leak. Although SoldierDelta has demonstrated that it has access to sensitive data, it could be too early to consider this information to be fact.


The insider also discloses that the console, code-named NG, would most likely come in two different variations: a totally digital model and a more traditional form, similar to the PS5. We believe that this aspect of the story is the least plausible because it would be quite unexpected for Nintendo to release a digital version of its platform. The Japanese publisher continues to be among the industry behemoths that sells the most physical copies of video games worldwide.

For pricing purposes, the digital version would cost $400, while the cartridge-accepting version would cost $450. Then, given the source's contentious track record of making correct forecasts, this confirms another leak that was also seen as being highly implausible.

To further elaborate on all of these specifics, it is stated that the NG codename is not one that Nintendo uses, but rather one that the developers who were given the console use. The article also discusses AR capabilities and the LCD screen's replacement for the OLED display.


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